Sweet & Savory Brown Rice Porridge

While briefly living in California, I was lucky enough to be invited out to the Clif Family Winery for a bikeride through Napa valley with a few of their team members, including Clif Family’s fantastic Executive Chef John McConnell.  Before the ride, John prepared a wonderful breakfast for our small group including this eye openingContinue reading “Sweet & Savory Brown Rice Porridge”

Lemon, Olive Oil & Thyme Muffins

These easy muffins are a nice departure from the typical sweeter ones I usually make – on the savorier side of the spectrum, but in this case by savory I mean a bit tangy, thanks to the lemon.  The cornmeal adds a sturdy bite and the olive oil just enough richness.  Be careful about theContinue reading “Lemon, Olive Oil & Thyme Muffins”

Lemon & Rosemary Scones

This recipe was inspired by one of my favorite cookbooks, L’Art de la Table by Gintare Marcel, who points out that these scones lend themselves really well to mix-ins.  Her original version is Lavender Rosemary, which also sounds delicious, and is a great reminder that breakfast baked goods do not need to be overly sugaryContinue reading “Lemon & Rosemary Scones”

Sonoma County Olive Oil & Meyer Lemon Cake

While briefly living in Northern California, I was lucky enough to visit a private ranch in Sonoma County where about an acres’s worth of grapes grow – enough to make several dozen cases of wine per year, with which among other things grown on-site provide bountiful country picnics with a tasting of several gold andContinue reading “Sonoma County Olive Oil & Meyer Lemon Cake”

Autumn Spice Pancakes

The ongoing quest for healthy but yummy pancakes saw a major milestone with this recipe!  These pancakes are are long on protein, via Greek yogurt, plus loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals via butternut squash, all of which makes them very satiating and no-crash.  That’s all very nice, but were’e talking about pancakes here, and theyContinue reading “Autumn Spice Pancakes”

Make-Ahead Monday: The Muesli Project

Since visiting Munich and several small towns in Austria this summer, and being inspired by the phenomenal muesli breakfasts there, I have been on a quest to recreate this Central European staple.  A cross between yogurt with granola and oatmeal, for me this muesli has the kind of magic that makes you look forward toContinue reading “Make-Ahead Monday: The Muesli Project”

Zucchini Bread Two Ways

Since first spying our new home back in June, we agreed that a kitchen ‘facelift’ is in order, and set to locking the project in immediately.  As always when anticipating something I’m excited about, it feels like it’s eons away – when we met with a stone supplier for an updated countertop in early August,Continue reading “Zucchini Bread Two Ways”

Banana Bread with Peanut Butter Glaze

Why did I bake banana bread today?  Oh, because the heat came on this morning… that and, it is easily the case that having homemade baked goods on our counter helps home feel warm and familiar.  We are getting there as far as settling into our new digs, in no small part thanks to repeatedContinue reading “Banana Bread with Peanut Butter Glaze”

Fig & Greek Yogurt Toasts with Almonds & Honey

I’m happy to say that the contents of our kitchen should be here (in our new home in SF) in less than a week’s time.  That said, we are already going on a longish stretch with no proper kitchen set up to speak of, with all due respect to our car-camping pot, pan, sharp-ish knife,Continue reading “Fig & Greek Yogurt Toasts with Almonds & Honey”

Make Ahead Monday: Rolled Oats with Greek Yogurt & Mixed Berries

With rain in the forecast today and tomorrow, combined with the particularly warm and humid weekend, this week’s make-ahead presented an unusual challenge in that I wanted it to be cozy-ish but not piping hot.  (We climbed in the Gunks – (New Paltz, NY) yesterday in spite of hot and sticky conditions and the thoughtContinue reading “Make Ahead Monday: Rolled Oats with Greek Yogurt & Mixed Berries”

Make-Ahead Monday: Mixed Berry Scones

Lately I have such a hankering to bake!  Even though the weather’s warming up I just really enjoy it, I think because even amid all the chaos a day (a week, a month, life) can bring, baking requires weights and measures, plus patience, and for me lends an actual sense of calm!  Also, it’s funContinue reading “Make-Ahead Monday: Mixed Berry Scones”

Raspberry Sunflower Smoothie

I can’t stop with the micro greens lately!  This smoothie makes delicious use of them.  It’s raspberry – mango base compliments the earthier flavor of Sunflower micros perfectly, creating a subtly sweet nutritional powerhouse. Have a great day!!!

Chocolatey Chia Pudding with Strawberries & Hazelnuts

Monday morning means we’re talking make-ahead breakfasts that will start the week off strong without sacrificing flavor or fun, and as such we kicked this week off with Chocolatey Chia Pudding.  By using unsweetened cocoa powder and topping with hazelnuts, we’ve updated what has been flavor-wise for me one of the most life enhancing  foodsContinue reading “Chocolatey Chia Pudding with Strawberries & Hazelnuts”

Sunshine in a Cup

Green smoothies have quickly become a regular part of our routine, (here are two that we love) so much so that it’s already time to shake things up a bit in the ingredients department.  Which is why I’m so glad to have begun to learn about the super-high nutritional content found in micro-greens, the teenyContinue reading “Sunshine in a Cup”