Lemon, Olive Oil & Thyme Muffins

These easy muffins are a nice departure from the typical sweeter ones I usually make – on the savorier side of the spectrum, but in this case by savory I mean a bit tangy, thanks to the lemon.  The cornmeal adds a sturdy bite and the olive oil just enough richness.  Be careful about theContinue reading “Lemon, Olive Oil & Thyme Muffins”

Lemon & Rosemary Scones

This recipe was inspired by one of my favorite cookbooks, L’Art de la Table by Gintare Marcel, who points out that these scones lend themselves really well to mix-ins.  Her original version is Lavender Rosemary, which also sounds delicious, and is a great reminder that breakfast baked goods do not need to be overly sugaryContinue reading “Lemon & Rosemary Scones”

Sonoma County Olive Oil & Meyer Lemon Cake

While briefly living in Northern California, I was lucky enough to visit a private ranch in Sonoma County where about an acres’s worth of grapes grow – enough to make several dozen cases of wine per year, with which among other things grown on-site provide bountiful country picnics with a tasting of several gold andContinue reading “Sonoma County Olive Oil & Meyer Lemon Cake”

Chocolate Cake Recipe Makeover

Here’s something I learned this past December: in Victorian England, the end of Christmas celebrations actually fell on January 5th, or Twelfth Night, aka the last evening of the Christmas season.  The celebration included a very specific cake, called everything from Twelfth Night Cake to Plum Cake.  I would love to say that I pickedContinue reading “Chocolate Cake Recipe Makeover”

Recipe Makeover: Skillet Cornbread

Here’s a reliable skillet cornbread recipe makeover.  It has olive oil instead of shortening, which gives a richness of flavor in addition to moisture.   Use this for stuffing, or just eat it right out of the pan once adequately cooled!    

Zucchini Bread Two Ways

Since first spying our new home back in June, we agreed that a kitchen ‘facelift’ is in order, and set to locking the project in immediately.  As always when anticipating something I’m excited about, it feels like it’s eons away – when we met with a stone supplier for an updated countertop in early August,Continue reading “Zucchini Bread Two Ways”

Banana Bread with Peanut Butter Glaze

Why did I bake banana bread today?  Oh, because the heat came on this morning… that and, it is easily the case that having homemade baked goods on our counter helps home feel warm and familiar.  We are getting there as far as settling into our new digs, in no small part thanks to repeatedContinue reading “Banana Bread with Peanut Butter Glaze”

Triple Berry Hybrid

My berry addiction continues as squeezing in summer recipes feels all the more imperative – the shadows are getting longer earlier in my favorite sunny nook off our kitchen.  To the urgency add a coincidental l stop at a farmer’s market that had an overage of black berries, plus a huge berry sale at WholeContinue reading “Triple Berry Hybrid”

Double Chocolate Mexican Wedding Cookies

Is it just me or are the weeks flying by now that it’s Spring?  May 1st already!!  This First Friday feels a little more special since the the two are aligned, PLUS there is a very fun excuse for making all things Mexican-inspired in early May.  (As you may already know we’ve been working throughContinue reading “Double Chocolate Mexican Wedding Cookies”

Granola Cookies with (Optional) Chocolate Chips

Happy First Friday of April! Aka the first Friday of the month, when a health(ier) cookie is featured here at From the Athlete’s Kitchen.  This concept came to be when I resolved to find a middle ground between over the top sugar bombs and clumps of sawdust claiming to be cookies. In March, a fewContinue reading “Granola Cookies with (Optional) Chocolate Chips”

Spring Training Granola

The pros and cons of March are an oft debated topic in our household, and I’d say for good reason.  The days are a little warmer, to the point that some – many of them are inviting enough to head out sans layers, overcoat, hat and gloves.  Outdoor rides may be accomplished without neoprene bootiesContinue reading “Spring Training Granola”

Chocolate Chip Cookies

First Friday in March… That makes today cookie day!  For those who are catching up, I’ve dedicated the first Friday of every month to featuring a cookie that bridges the gap between the sawdust/cardboard cookie where fun goes to die and the half-your-daily-calories fat and sugar bomb.  I love this project, even if it isContinue reading “Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Snowday Inspired Energy Loaves

  At the outset of what might turn out to be the coldest week this winter, Paul suggested a muffin with a little more heft to it.  Muffins are often first bites here so the aim with these is to sustain a little longer into the morning.  Since we had ripe bananas, and since overContinue reading “Snowday Inspired Energy Loaves”

Double Chocolate Cookies with Orange Zest

For a little while now, I’ve dabbled with ‘healthy’ cookie recipes and have come to one main conclusion – this is by and large a recipe for dissapointment.  There are a myriad of ‘Healthy Cookie’ recipes floating around in the ether, ranging from one that includes two sticks of butter to those that look likeContinue reading “Double Chocolate Cookies with Orange Zest”

Chocolate, Walnut & Banana Muffins (with no Added Sugar)

Late during the Fall of 2014, one of us was riding home from work with more than we could carry.  As ever, we remained undeterred on the bike – the solution was to simply stop for a shopping bag to manage the load and continue the journey.  Well it just so happened that the nearestContinue reading “Chocolate, Walnut & Banana Muffins (with no Added Sugar)”