Homemade Snickers Bars

These homemade Snickers bars will delight one and all who tried them.  They happen to be vegan.  While the bars have no refined sugar, facing facts one must concede they are still rather indulgent.   The bars will last up to two weeks in an airtight container in the fridge. The recipe is originally fromContinue reading “Homemade Snickers Bars”

Kumquat and Greek Yogurt Tart

Here’s a trick I thought of tangentially, when trying to come up with a good use for Kumquats – using Greek yogurt in place of custard in a tart.  I’d been turning Kumquats over and over in my mind, wondering what to do with them.  I’ve just learned that you can eat the skin andContinue reading “Kumquat and Greek Yogurt Tart”

Sonoma County Olive Oil & Meyer Lemon Cake

While briefly living in Northern California, I was lucky enough to visit a private ranch in Sonoma County where about an acres’s worth of grapes grow – enough to make several dozen cases of wine per year, with which among other things grown on-site provide bountiful country picnics with a tasting of several gold andContinue reading “Sonoma County Olive Oil & Meyer Lemon Cake”

Chocolate Cake Recipe Makeover

Here’s something I learned this past December: in Victorian England, the end of Christmas celebrations actually fell on January 5th, or Twelfth Night, aka the last evening of the Christmas season.  The celebration included a very specific cake, called everything from Twelfth Night Cake to Plum Cake.  I would love to say that I pickedContinue reading “Chocolate Cake Recipe Makeover”

Pluot Gallette

Do you ever pass by bakery windows or stare into their cases while waiting for coffee and long to order one of the beautiful treats therein, to enjoy both studying it for its beautiful shapes, colors and texture and eating it for its deliciousness, but stop yourself because it’s too indulgent from, well, all angles?Continue reading “Pluot Gallette”

Triple Berry Hybrid

My berry addiction continues as squeezing in summer recipes feels all the more imperative – the shadows are getting longer earlier in my favorite sunny nook off our kitchen.  To the urgency add a coincidental l stop at a farmer’s market that had an overage of black berries, plus a huge berry sale at WholeContinue reading “Triple Berry Hybrid”

Summer Berry Pops with Coconut & Lime

The end of summer has never crept up so fast, and the end of the season wouldn’t necessarily be on my mind if it weren’t for the fact that in anticipation of our first small dinner party in our new home, I thought to make an apricot galette only to realize that due to ourContinue reading “Summer Berry Pops with Coconut & Lime”

Double Chocolate Mexican Wedding Cookies

Is it just me or are the weeks flying by now that it’s Spring?  May 1st already!!  This First Friday feels a little more special since the the two are aligned, PLUS there is a very fun excuse for making all things Mexican-inspired in early May.  (As you may already know we’ve been working throughContinue reading “Double Chocolate Mexican Wedding Cookies”

Granola Cookies with (Optional) Chocolate Chips

Happy First Friday of April! Aka the first Friday of the month, when a health(ier) cookie is featured here at From the Athlete’s Kitchen.  This concept came to be when I resolved to find a middle ground between over the top sugar bombs and clumps of sawdust claiming to be cookies. In March, a fewContinue reading “Granola Cookies with (Optional) Chocolate Chips”

Chocolate Chip Cookies

First Friday in March… That makes today cookie day!  For those who are catching up, I’ve dedicated the first Friday of every month to featuring a cookie that bridges the gap between the sawdust/cardboard cookie where fun goes to die and the half-your-daily-calories fat and sugar bomb.  I love this project, even if it isContinue reading “Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Sun & Snow

Lots of sun and snow this week, and hello, COLD.  Curious to see its rare frozen state, I went to check out the fountain in Bryant Park early this morning.  Here it is, looking to me like a cauldron boiled over: The snow/sun pattern all week left a striking visual and had me wondering howContinue reading “Sun & Snow”

Silky Chocolate Mousse (Made with Tofu)

Gulp, it’s Friday the 13th!  But this time around that means that it’s also Valentine’s Day Eve , so I was thinking that a Friday chocolate repeat would be okay (we made Double Chocolate cookies last week…). Plus, I’ve been wanting to try making Chocolate Mousse with tofu for a too long now and thisContinue reading “Silky Chocolate Mousse (Made with Tofu)”

Key Lime Ice Cream Challenge

Week of February 9th, 2015: Me, 1, Ice Cream, 0. How did this score, and thereby this amazing treat come to be?  Actually, let’s back up a moment.  For those who may have missed an earlier post on this subject, ice cream is my biggest vice and while it’s great to enjoy occasionally, I canContinue reading “Key Lime Ice Cream Challenge”

Double Chocolate Cookies with Orange Zest

For a little while now, I’ve dabbled with ‘healthy’ cookie recipes and have come to one main conclusion – this is by and large a recipe for dissapointment.  There are a myriad of ‘Healthy Cookie’ recipes floating around in the ether, ranging from one that includes two sticks of butter to those that look likeContinue reading “Double Chocolate Cookies with Orange Zest”

Citrus Season Snack

I’ve been feeling pretty good about my commitment to power through first quarter with bright, fresh flavors, plus room for plenty of traditional cold-weather fare.  So good in fact, that last night I checked my Sunrise/Sunset app thinking, why soon it will be light outside until 6:00!  Soon is a relative concept of course, IContinue reading “Citrus Season Snack”