Kumquat and Greek Yogurt Tart

Here’s a trick I thought of tangentially, when trying to come up with a good use for Kumquats – using Greek yogurt in place of custard in a tart.  I’d been turning Kumquats over and over in my mind, wondering what to do with them.  I’ve just learned that you can eat the skin andContinue reading “Kumquat and Greek Yogurt Tart”

Citrus Season Surprise Antioxidant Smoothie

Early yesterday morning, I was setting up to make our new favorite blended breakfast, the delicious Winter Smoothie featured here about a month ago.  I’d stopped by the Farmer’s Market on Saturday to re-stock our beet supply so we could enjoy several more of these citrus season optimizing smoothies and opened the fridge with aContinue reading “Citrus Season Surprise Antioxidant Smoothie”

Best Winter Smoothie

Happy January 31st!!!  Even though we are looking at some seriously low mercury plus extra-icy wind today, I am so excited to share this smoothie, because it maxes out seasonal produce to the best extent I’ve seen all Winter. It’s citrus season, which means that right now we get to enjoy the best tasting oranges,Continue reading “Best Winter Smoothie”