Make-Ahead Monday: The Muesli Project

Since visiting Munich and several small towns in Austria this summer, and being inspired by the phenomenal muesli breakfasts there, I have been on a quest to recreate this Central European staple.  A cross between yogurt with granola and oatmeal, for me this muesli has the kind of magic that makes you look forward toContinue reading “Make-Ahead Monday: The Muesli Project”

Fettuccini with Zucchini & Mint Pesto

This dish is so good, after I ate the portion pictured here, I immediately ran to my computer to share this recipe.  (And I mean immediately – dishes are not yet done.  Those who know me know that this means business about how good this dish is – I rarely, *rarely* do anything before cleaningContinue reading “Fettuccini with Zucchini & Mint Pesto”

Tomato Jam with Bacon, Onion & Garlic

Is it just me or is there a teeny bit of a Chicken Little syndrome about the end of Summer going on at the moment?  It’s true that the season is coming to a close, but since two weeks ago it feels (on certain social media channels anyway) that this year the transition started earlierContinue reading “Tomato Jam with Bacon, Onion & Garlic”

Triple Berry Hybrid

My berry addiction continues as squeezing in summer recipes feels all the more imperative – the shadows are getting longer earlier in my favorite sunny nook off our kitchen.  To the urgency add a coincidental l stop at a farmer’s market that had an overage of black berries, plus a huge berry sale at WholeContinue reading “Triple Berry Hybrid”

Radish Salad with Buttermilk Herb Dressing

Two things inspired this dressing – one, a delicious version of it I got to try last weekend at one of our favorite restaurants in New Paltz, NY, the Mountain Brauhaus.  I’d assumed it’d be more like a dip for the veggies in my salad (I requested it on the side as usual) but forContinue reading “Radish Salad with Buttermilk Herb Dressing”

Lamb Meatballs with Lettuce Wraps

I love this meal because it can be made ahead, it’s light enough for mid-day but also satisfying enough to call dinner, it’s seasonal, it’s well balanced, and it’s perfect for mid-week.  Plus, it can be arranged in a fun way to make a week-day meal more than just functional.  Let’s break it down: –Continue reading “Lamb Meatballs with Lettuce Wraps”

Crispy Citrus Toasts

Maybe it’s because there have been a marathon of gray days, or maybe it’s because I’m married to a Floridian, but this year I cannot get enough of citrus season – the orange and lemon varieties just seem sweeter and tastier than ever!   Actually what I think it might be is that citrus seasonContinue reading “Crispy Citrus Toasts”

Citrus Season Snack

I’ve been feeling pretty good about my commitment to power through first quarter with bright, fresh flavors, plus room for plenty of traditional cold-weather fare.  So good in fact, that last night I checked my Sunrise/Sunset app thinking, why soon it will be light outside until 6:00!  Soon is a relative concept of course, IContinue reading “Citrus Season Snack”