Mushroom Ragu

I would never go so far as to say that an all-vegetable dish could actually fool a meat-lover, but there are some that I believe would wholly satisfy the most ardent of carnivores, and this is one of the few and far between. After searching high and low online, I finally just turned to aContinue reading “Mushroom Ragu”

Turkey Meatballs with Fresh Oregano and Basil

If meatballs with tomato sauce aren’t a fun weeknight dinner, I don’t know what is. Thanks to fresh herbs and garlic, these turkey meatballs would be delicious as a stand-along  anchor of a well rounded meal, accompanied by greens and potatoes – actually a more authentically Italian take than the Americanized version featuring tomato sauce.Continue reading “Turkey Meatballs with Fresh Oregano and Basil”

Intro to Homemade Ravioli

I love making ravioli.  Love it.  Namely because, it’s methodic and yields a beautiful result (and is therefore to me, relaxing), it involves time-proven techniques, and, I’ll be honest, it’s gratifying when you set down a restaurant-quality dish, both visually and gastronomically, that you’ve just cranked out yourself.  The last part might be the mostContinue reading “Intro to Homemade Ravioli”

Fettuccini with Zucchini & Mint Pesto

This dish is so good, after I ate the portion pictured here, I immediately ran to my computer to share this recipe.  (And I mean immediately – dishes are not yet done.  Those who know me know that this means business about how good this dish is – I rarely, *rarely* do anything before cleaningContinue reading “Fettuccini with Zucchini & Mint Pesto”

Lasagna with Chicken & Mushrooms (Gluten-Free)

This delicious dish was unusual for us only in that we do not by design have to avoid gluten.  However with what feels like a growing number of friends who must omit the grain-based protein, it seems to make sense to get a handle on a few staples.  I am proud to say that ourContinue reading “Lasagna with Chicken & Mushrooms (Gluten-Free)”

Pasta with Sausage & Double Broccoli Rabe

Exciting news here, I am soon to be working with a great restaurant that happens to be in my neighborhood on a feature to appear in print!  I’m currently working with the same publisher on a few digital projects, but the print piece will be a first for me and having wanted to be aContinue reading “Pasta with Sausage & Double Broccoli Rabe”

Paul’s Early Spring Pesto

YUM!  We may be between growing seasons for a few more weeks but this killer pesto by Paul bridges the gap and more!!!  I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the getting-through-first-quarter-with-flavor resolution set in early January.  Holy smokes this is a good recipe. We first had this pesto with mild fishContinue reading “Paul’s Early Spring Pesto”

End of Winter Pasta with Fennel & Lemon

In the midst of prepping last week’s Spring Training Granola, I stopped to marvel at our stand mixer.  It was actually one of our first joint purchases, made relatively soon after we met and used at the weekend house we shared upstate with another friend, where we filled a few winters with cook-and-bake-a-thons in theContinue reading “End of Winter Pasta with Fennel & Lemon”

A Lighter Bolognese

  Happy Daylight Savings!  I know I am not alone in relishing this day, when come 6:00 pm we exclaim, it’s still so light out!  The best!  Plus, for months to come, it will keep getting lighter later – Spring Ahead is one of my favorite activities of the year. If it seems weird thatContinue reading “A Lighter Bolognese”

Mushroom Bolognese with Lean Protein

Why is it a good idea to make this Mushroom Bolognese?   Because Bolognese sauce is a top contender for favorite winter dinners, especially for Sundays when there is more time to let the sauce simmer away in the late afternoon leading up to dinner.  But, its popularity in our household means that we’ve branchedContinue reading “Mushroom Bolognese with Lean Protein”