Mushroom Ragu

I would never go so far as to say that an all-vegetable dish could actually fool a meat-lover, but there are some that I believe would wholly satisfy the most ardent of carnivores, and this is one of the few and far between. After searching high and low online, I finally just turned to aContinue reading “Mushroom Ragu”

Lasagna with Chicken & Mushrooms (Gluten-Free)

This delicious dish was unusual for us only in that we do not by design have to avoid gluten.  However with what feels like a growing number of friends who must omit the grain-based protein, it seems to make sense to get a handle on a few staples.  I am proud to say that ourContinue reading “Lasagna with Chicken & Mushrooms (Gluten-Free)”

Potage Parmentier avec Micro Verts (Potato Leek Soup with Micro Greens)

Because leeks are locally available over the winter through early spring, I have been wanting to try the classic soup Potage Parmentier, aka Potato Leek soup, before it’s time for new seasonals.  Finally, I did. This soup was really fun to make because I took the liberty of making some updates to the classic recipe.Continue reading “Potage Parmentier avec Micro Verts (Potato Leek Soup with Micro Greens)”

Pasta with Sausage & Double Broccoli Rabe

Exciting news here, I am soon to be working with a great restaurant that happens to be in my neighborhood on a feature to appear in print!  I’m currently working with the same publisher on a few digital projects, but the print piece will be a first for me and having wanted to be aContinue reading “Pasta with Sausage & Double Broccoli Rabe”

Southwest Turkey Burgers with Mango-Chili Guac

Oh man is this a good combo!  It originated about a week ago, when I was making guacamole on our aforementioned family ski trip.  As I worked through the early prep – chopping garlic and onion, Paul handed me a Fresno chili to include.  Hmm, delicious, but perhaps a little to much heat for aContinue reading “Southwest Turkey Burgers with Mango-Chili Guac”

A Lighter Bolognese

  Happy Daylight Savings!  I know I am not alone in relishing this day, when come 6:00 pm we exclaim, it’s still so light out!  The best!  Plus, for months to come, it will keep getting lighter later – Spring Ahead is one of my favorite activities of the year. If it seems weird thatContinue reading “A Lighter Bolognese”

Broth Lover’s Chicken Soup

So there may or may not have been a major snowstorm in the New York metropolitan area.  One thing is for sure though, it’s really cold!  Why?  Because at the moment it’s Winter.  Could the media’s love of hyping the Winter season perhaps explain the broth trend that’s been heating up since the beginning ofContinue reading “Broth Lover’s Chicken Soup”

Rehydrating Beans

Rehydrating beans at home vs buying the canned version is very much worth the (minimal) effort – like homemade chicken stock, they will elevate any recipe that calls for beans.  For some, this practice is age-old… for me, well I am proud to say that I finally tried this on my own and please, itContinue reading “Rehydrating Beans”

Mashed Potatoes & Celery Root

I have to admit, I’ve walked by piles of celery root both in the grocery store and at the farmers market many times and thought, there had to have been a couple of characters in Lord of the Rings inspired by those things, at least visually… That said, I’ve just as often thought, I’ve gotContinue reading “Mashed Potatoes & Celery Root”

Charred Beets

Beets: I must admit, I am still getting to know my way around them.  Maybe we never had them growing up because they can stain everything in sight, or possibly because they aren’t always particularly delicious.  Raw beets are dirty and require lots of handling to prepare.  Still, I am warming up to beets.  TheyContinue reading “Charred Beets”

Almost Too Late to Cook Veggie Tacos

For most of yesterday I was looking forward to getting to my run in Central Park.  Until about 5pm-ish when little sleepiness and general heaviness came knocking.  Knowing I’d be disappointed if I didn’t, I pushed myself out there and started picking up my legs.  I may as well have been running on a velcroContinue reading “Almost Too Late to Cook Veggie Tacos”