Sesame Crusted Salmon w. Baby Bok Choy

I received a copy of the new magazine Organic Life a few weeks ago and while flipping through came across this intriguing recipe.  Intriguing to me that is, and only because I’m not typically inclined to use bok choy, let alone venture out of my comfort zone to make our proteins ‘crusted’.  After reading theContinue reading “Sesame Crusted Salmon w. Baby Bok Choy”

Chocolatey Chia Pudding with Strawberries & Hazelnuts

Monday morning means we’re talking make-ahead breakfasts that will start the week off strong without sacrificing flavor or fun, and as such we kicked this week off with Chocolatey Chia Pudding.  By using unsweetened cocoa powder and topping with hazelnuts, we’ve updated what has been flavor-wise for me one of the most life enhancing  foodsContinue reading “Chocolatey Chia Pudding with Strawberries & Hazelnuts”