Aromatics-Stuffed Artichokes

With artichoke season here and the delicious if at times intimidating vegetable widely available, I wanted to share a highly adaptable (e.g. use what’s on hand) recipe for stuffed artichokes. The first thing to know is how to trim the leaves.  When you first pick up a ‘choke, you’ll notice that each of the leavesContinue reading “Aromatics-Stuffed Artichokes”

Fresh Tapenade

YUM!  The fresh ingredients pictured are all that goes into this delicious spread!!  If you’re in need of something to jazz up your sandwiches lately or are on the prowl for flavorful but not heavy hors ‘devours over the long weekend, this easy tapenade will get the job done. This Fresh Tapenade is a fantasticContinue reading “Fresh Tapenade”

Crispy Citrus Toasts

Maybe it’s because there have been a marathon of gray days, or maybe it’s because I’m married to a Floridian, but this year I cannot get enough of citrus season – the orange and lemon varieties just seem sweeter and tastier than ever!   Actually what I think it might be is that citrus seasonContinue reading “Crispy Citrus Toasts”

A New Game Day Guacamole

Happy Superbowl Sunday!  Full disclosure, I really love a good football game.  The agility and gracefulness of many players under what appears to be ongoing chaos is what draws me in – watching such a dynamic display of athletics is really fun.  I also admire the positive energy that players display as they huddle togetherContinue reading “A New Game Day Guacamole”

Crunchy and Delicious Sweet Potato & Beet Chips

A few days ago, Paul and I were eating sandwiches in the car at the airport just before I dropped him off for a quick biz trip.  Anddd there happened to be some kettle-type chips in the car.  I munched on a few and proclaimed, ‘wow, chips can be really good.’  This message was receivedContinue reading “Crunchy and Delicious Sweet Potato & Beet Chips”

Fresh Dill Lemon-Garlic Dip, or, Bright Flavors for a Snow Day

Happy New Year and Happy 1st Quarter Survival Kick-Off!  For me the winter months can be a little taxing on the spirit/motivational engine at times, but this year I am determined to get through the first quarter of the year with pizzaz and fun.  On the food front, this means more color, more flavor andContinue reading “Fresh Dill Lemon-Garlic Dip, or, Bright Flavors for a Snow Day”