Kumquat and Greek Yogurt Tart

Here’s a trick I thought of tangentially, when trying to come up with a good use for Kumquats – using Greek yogurt in place of custard in a tart.  I’d been turning Kumquats over and over in my mind, wondering what to do with them.  I’ve just learned that you can eat the skin andContinue reading “Kumquat and Greek Yogurt Tart”

Crispy Citrus Toasts

Maybe it’s because there have been a marathon of gray days, or maybe it’s because I’m married to a Floridian, but this year I cannot get enough of citrus season – the orange and lemon varieties just seem sweeter and tastier than ever!   Actually what I think it might be is that citrus seasonContinue reading “Crispy Citrus Toasts”

Citrus Season Snack

I’ve been feeling pretty good about my commitment to power through first quarter with bright, fresh flavors, plus room for plenty of traditional cold-weather fare.  So good in fact, that last night I checked my Sunrise/Sunset app thinking, why soon it will be light outside until 6:00!  Soon is a relative concept of course, IContinue reading “Citrus Season Snack”