Barley ‘Risotto’ (with Timesavers and Benefits for Homemade Chicken Broth)

Lately there is a proliferation of beautiful farmer’s market finds across the Internet and social media, and for good reason – the gorgeous produce of Spring is certainly photo-inspiring!   But I think there is a year-round, unsung hero of the farmer’s market, and that’s fresh chicken.  In addition to tasting noticeably more delicious, aContinue reading “Barley ‘Risotto’ (with Timesavers and Benefits for Homemade Chicken Broth)”

Homemade Chicken Stock will Elevate Recipes

Take Stock! With more and more recipes on the site calling for homemade chicken stock, I thought it would be helpful to breakout just the stock recipe.  This recipe assumes you’ve prepared a whole roasted chicken, carved off the meat, and will be using the carcass in the stock ingredients. If scheduling allows, the mostContinue reading “Homemade Chicken Stock will Elevate Recipes”

Optimizing Chicken Basics

Perfectly roasted chicken may be the most healthy comfort food ever.  With the cooler weather we’re craving roasts and since a little prep work goes a long way during a busy week, I wanted to share some foolproof successes I’ve had with roasting chicken and making stock. Roasted chicken is lean yet satisfying, even comforting.Continue reading “Optimizing Chicken Basics”