Sonoma County Olive Oil & Meyer Lemon Cake

While briefly living in Northern California, I was lucky enough to visit a private ranch in Sonoma County where about an acres’s worth of grapes grow – enough to make several dozen cases of wine per year, with which among other things grown on-site provide bountiful country picnics with a tasting of several gold andContinue reading “Sonoma County Olive Oil & Meyer Lemon Cake”

From the Makers of Clif Bar…

In the midst of packing for our move to San Francisco early this summer, I found myself seated at my local dinner spot next to a resident of St. Helena, a town in the Napa Valley in California. While I typically value my bar stool at Otto (from which I’ve consumed more Margarita pizzas thanContinue reading “From the Makers of Clif Bar…”

TransAlp 2015

Where have I been!?!  It’s hard to believe that not long ago, I was at my perch in Manhattan working on healthy recipe development and sharing on a regular basis.  I’ve missed posting since life as I’ve known it was upended 7/8 weeks ago.  Ultimately in a good way, I think… since mid-June, we haveContinue reading “TransAlp 2015”

A Taste of Puerto Rico

At the tail end of February, the opportunity to tag along on a quick trip to Puerto Rico came about and upon realizing there was an exciting project in the making I jumped right on it.  Aside from a wedding on a beautiful beach on the other side of the island that we never leftContinue reading “A Taste of Puerto Rico”