Aromatics-Stuffed Artichokes

With artichoke season here and the delicious if at times intimidating vegetable widely available, I wanted to share a highly adaptable (e.g. use what’s on hand) recipe for stuffed artichokes. The first thing to know is how to trim the leaves.  When you first pick up a ‘choke, you’ll notice that each of the leavesContinue reading “Aromatics-Stuffed Artichokes”

Radish Salad with Buttermilk Herb Dressing

Two things inspired this dressing – one, a delicious version of it I got to try last weekend at one of our favorite restaurants in New Paltz, NY, the Mountain Brauhaus.  I’d assumed it’d be more like a dip for the veggies in my salad (I requested it on the side as usual) but forContinue reading “Radish Salad with Buttermilk Herb Dressing”

Barley ‘Risotto’ (with Timesavers and Benefits for Homemade Chicken Broth)

Lately there is a proliferation of beautiful farmer’s market finds across the Internet and social media, and for good reason – the gorgeous produce of Spring is certainly photo-inspiring!   But I think there is a year-round, unsung hero of the farmer’s market, and that’s fresh chicken.  In addition to tasting noticeably more delicious, aContinue reading “Barley ‘Risotto’ (with Timesavers and Benefits for Homemade Chicken Broth)”

Deviled Eggs Take One

Deviled Eggs may be the easiest Hors d’oeuver in the known universe.  They are obviously delicious, and fun because you can make them as fancy or low-key as you wish.  They are half make-ahead, since the eggs are hard boiled and may be kept overnight if need be.  And because boiling water and adding wholeContinue reading “Deviled Eggs Take One”

Meyer Lemon Chicken with Barley Risotto & Broccoli Rabe

Another weeknight!  And are you like me in that you were over skinless, boneless chicken breast about five or six years ago, but don’t always feel like taking on a whole roasted chicken because among other things, you don’t have 90 minutes to wait and don’t want to deal with chicken wings on a WednesdayContinue reading “Meyer Lemon Chicken with Barley Risotto & Broccoli Rabe”

Savory Cornbread Muffins with Sage

I’m not sure if it’s because we’re headed to Texas for Christmas, or because just the right amount of surplus ingredients presented themselves during the pre-departure fridge clean out, but today I was craving savory  cornbread.  These have fewer ingredients than sweeter muffins typically do, making them super quick to whip up to serve hotContinue reading “Savory Cornbread Muffins with Sage”

Mashed Potatoes & Celery Root

I have to admit, I’ve walked by piles of celery root both in the grocery store and at the farmers market many times and thought, there had to have been a couple of characters in Lord of the Rings inspired by those things, at least visually… That said, I’ve just as often thought, I’ve gotContinue reading “Mashed Potatoes & Celery Root”

Charred Beets

Beets: I must admit, I am still getting to know my way around them.  Maybe we never had them growing up because they can stain everything in sight, or possibly because they aren’t always particularly delicious.  Raw beets are dirty and require lots of handling to prepare.  Still, I am warming up to beets.  TheyContinue reading “Charred Beets”