Black Bean Butternut Squash Chili

On a crisp day this chili is just what the doctor ordered, in so many ways.  It’s a great make ahead and pre-portioned servings freeze beautifully.  This chili is meatless and can be a welcome respite from heavy cold-weather dishes, yet is still very satisfying.

Protein-Packed Veggie Burger

So.  California.  Home to the vegetarian movement in the U.S.  The Golden State whose sunshine and mild climate makes possible remarkable produce all year long.  Hotbed of almost countless sustainable food startups and home to internationally influential chefs.  And place where, to date, my out of home dining experiences have for the most part ledContinue reading “Protein-Packed Veggie Burger”

Radish Salad with Buttermilk Herb Dressing

Two things inspired this dressing – one, a delicious version of it I got to try last weekend at one of our favorite restaurants in New Paltz, NY, the Mountain Brauhaus.  I’d assumed it’d be more like a dip for the veggies in my salad (I requested it on the side as usual) but forContinue reading “Radish Salad with Buttermilk Herb Dressing”

Monday Make-Ahead with Quinoa, Veggies and Eggs

This morning, the Monday Make-Ahead resolution came in particularly handy as Paul had to be out the door at 5:30 am to catch a flight.  Which meant that not only did this week’s make-ahead have to be especially fast, it had to be one in which the finishing touches were exaggeratedly obvious as I wasContinue reading “Monday Make-Ahead with Quinoa, Veggies and Eggs”

Perfect Black Bean Burgers & Traditional Guacamole

Several winters ago, we decided to branch out cooking-wise with the goal of both experiencing new flavors as well as learning certain anchors and techniques partial to a specific cuisine.  The deal was that anytime we’d be making more than a five-minute serving of sustenance, we would cook the chosen cuisine.  Our aim was toContinue reading “Perfect Black Bean Burgers & Traditional Guacamole”

Deconstructed Pita Pockets with Greek Chicken Salad

It’s the best when a bunch of separately accumulated ingredients come together into a fantastic meal you didn’t even know was waiting, which is exactly how this deconstructed pita pocket started.  It was an abundance of dill that specifically lead to this what’s-in-the-fridge lunch.  A large bunch of it lay in the veggie this morning,Continue reading “Deconstructed Pita Pockets with Greek Chicken Salad”

Southwest Turkey Burgers with Mango-Chili Guac

Oh man is this a good combo!  It originated about a week ago, when I was making guacamole on our aforementioned family ski trip.  As I worked through the early prep – chopping garlic and onion, Paul handed me a Fresno chili to include.  Hmm, delicious, but perhaps a little to much heat for aContinue reading “Southwest Turkey Burgers with Mango-Chili Guac”

Lamb Meatballs with Lettuce Wraps

I love this meal because it can be made ahead, it’s light enough for mid-day but also satisfying enough to call dinner, it’s seasonal, it’s well balanced, and it’s perfect for mid-week.  Plus, it can be arranged in a fun way to make a week-day meal more than just functional.  Let’s break it down: –Continue reading “Lamb Meatballs with Lettuce Wraps”

Winter Quinoa Bowl

Let’s call a spade a spade here – this meal does not necessarily hold the same visual allure we may have in our mind’s eye when we dream of a perfect lunch or dinner.  But please don’t let that be a deterrent – this dish is so, so delicious and nutritious.  After a spin, shoulderContinue reading “Winter Quinoa Bowl”

Salad Encompassing Sandwich

You know those days when you really want a sandwich with hearty bread for lunch, but you keep thinking you should have a salad?  For me that’s just about every day.  For that reason, I try to incorporate veggies as best I can.  At times, a loaded up sandwich can actually be both unsatisfying andContinue reading “Salad Encompassing Sandwich”