End of Winter Pasta with Fennel & Lemon

In the midst of prepping last week’s Spring Training Granola, I stopped to marvel at our stand mixer.  It was actually one of our first joint purchases, made relatively soon after we met and used at the weekend house we shared upstate with another friend, where we filled a few winters with cook-and-bake-a-thons in theContinue reading “End of Winter Pasta with Fennel & Lemon”

Meyer Lemon Chicken with Barley Risotto & Broccoli Rabe

Another weeknight!  And are you like me in that you were over skinless, boneless chicken breast about five or six years ago, but don’t always feel like taking on a whole roasted chicken because among other things, you don’t have 90 minutes to wait and don’t want to deal with chicken wings on a WednesdayContinue reading “Meyer Lemon Chicken with Barley Risotto & Broccoli Rabe”

Mushroom Bolognese with Lean Protein

Why is it a good idea to make this Mushroom Bolognese?   Because Bolognese sauce is a top contender for favorite winter dinners, especially for Sundays when there is more time to let the sauce simmer away in the late afternoon leading up to dinner.  But, its popularity in our household means that we’ve branchedContinue reading “Mushroom Bolognese with Lean Protein”

Winter Quinoa Bowl

Let’s call a spade a spade here – this meal does not necessarily hold the same visual allure we may have in our mind’s eye when we dream of a perfect lunch or dinner.  But please don’t let that be a deterrent – this dish is so, so delicious and nutritious.  After a spin, shoulderContinue reading “Winter Quinoa Bowl”

Mad for Marsala

Okay.  Yesterday’s post.  Bright flavors, shaking up veggies with a fun, zesty and filling dip.  I’m all for that, but when my bike lock froze in place today, I decided it’s time to officially get cranking on some hot meals.  Piping hot, satisfying and delicious that is, happiness making on an otherwise dark and icyContinue reading “Mad for Marsala”

Roasted Turkey & Vegetable ‘Pot Pie’

This (DELICIOUS!!!) Sunday dinner was inspired during a cold weather ride by the filling of chicken pot pie, the creamy, comforting, piping-hot, crave-able comfort food we always consider making but shy away from because of the perceived labor-intensiveness of the recipe, plus the heaviness of the traditional dish.   In full transparency, this version didContinue reading “Roasted Turkey & Vegetable ‘Pot Pie’”

Almost Too Late to Cook Veggie Tacos

For most of yesterday I was looking forward to getting to my run in Central Park.  Until about 5pm-ish when little sleepiness and general heaviness came knocking.  Knowing I’d be disappointed if I didn’t, I pushed myself out there and started picking up my legs.  I may as well have been running on a velcroContinue reading “Almost Too Late to Cook Veggie Tacos”