Using Chopped Nuts in Baking Recipes

When a recipe calls for chopped nuts, I always reach for one of my favorite kitchen tools, the low-tech, hand-operated chopper pictured here.  This gadget transforms nuts into tiny pieces, almost creating a coarse flour, very quickly and comfortably.  (Or, just a few pulses can be made to yield a coarse chop if you prefer.)Continue reading “Using Chopped Nuts in Baking Recipes”

Delicious Apple Muffins

It’s time to embrace our other Fall Farmer’s Market Favorite, Apples!  Before turning to Thanksgiving pie testing, I wanted to try some Apple Muffins.  I came across a version of this recipe on Little Spice Jar (thanks ongoing LSJ!) last night and as eager as I was to try it immediately, it was worth waitingContinue reading “Delicious Apple Muffins”

Optimizing Chicken Basics

Perfectly roasted chicken may be the most healthy comfort food ever.  With the cooler weather we’re craving roasts and since a little prep work goes a long way during a busy week, I wanted to share some foolproof successes I’ve had with roasting chicken and making stock. Roasted chicken is lean yet satisfying, even comforting.Continue reading “Optimizing Chicken Basics”

What a Difference Five Minutes Makes

I was particularly happy to post these results this weekend after absolutely dragging myself out the door on Saturday!   All I wanted to do was revel in the late afternoon satisfaction of a freshly cleaned apartment, the completion of a nagging chore (painting the cover of an electrical panel above our dining table), andContinue reading “What a Difference Five Minutes Makes”

Perfect Pumpkin Bread

I’m excited today to be sharing one of my favorites of the Fall season, Pumpkin Bread!  I look forward to Pumpkin Bread all September and oh, how happy I always am when I start to mix up the first batch… which always leads to another, and another.  At last I think I’ve come across justContinue reading “Perfect Pumpkin Bread”

Almost Too Late to Cook Veggie Tacos

For most of yesterday I was looking forward to getting to my run in Central Park.  Until about 5pm-ish when little sleepiness and general heaviness came knocking.  Knowing I’d be disappointed if I didn’t, I pushed myself out there and started picking up my legs.  I may as well have been running on a velcroContinue reading “Almost Too Late to Cook Veggie Tacos”

Carrot Gogi Berry Muffins

This lushcious discovery will likely remain our favorite muffin recipe for a long time.  My husband stopped in his tracks after one bite and I ate two myself before they were even cooled from the oven. I’d consider this a Rest Day recipe, since it takes a little extra hands-on time due to the gratedContinue reading “Carrot Gogi Berry Muffins”

Monday Morning Carrot/Cherry/Ginger Smoothie

This is one of the most delicious smoothies I’ve had in a long time, plus was a satisfying and sound way to start the week.  It’s creamy, thanks to just a little coconut milk, and thick courtsey of some flax.  Tastes a bit like pumpkin pie, with a gingery finish. Easy: 2 cups carrot juiceContinue reading “Monday Morning Carrot/Cherry/Ginger Smoothie”

Oh Yum! Delicious Coffee Smoothie

Here’s a great coffee smoothie I will definitely make again.  It’s pretty rich and can stand alone as a meal, or accompany a light breakfast.  (In fact, it’s probably best viewed as more of a treat. A worth-it treat, but a treat none the less.) Add the following straight to the blender: – *little* bitContinue reading “Oh Yum! Delicious Coffee Smoothie”

Cooling Fresh Brewed Coffee

I started occasionaly adding coffee smoothies into the rotation this summer.  So far I’ve found some delicious (coffee and coconut milk, wonderful), and some terrible (coffee and flax = devilish bitterness) combinations. First things first though, a good solution for cooling freshly brewed coffee. This ‘double-cooler’ system lets you get a freshly brewed batch coolContinue reading “Cooling Fresh Brewed Coffee”