Inspired By…

Among other new projects, I’ve been playing with some photo editing software and wanted to share some early results.  I have noticed lately a proliferation of inspiring new things, from a refresh on a long standing favorite magazine (welcome Amy Astley, new Editor-in-Chief to Arch Digest) to the replacement on Instagram of #avocadotoast with a blessed bevy of new snacks, to the unglamorous hotspot Sqirl (LA… & soon NY?), home of the best scone I have ever had, to decor stores that soothe my soul the way a museum can, and while a little intimidated ongoing, and possibly a little envious, I would like to push the envelop in terms of my own contributions.   I want to join the fray rather than continue to sit in silent contemplation of what I might contribute as the train of all things beautiful, compelling and creative whizzes by.   Lessons learned by waiting for perfection, or something closer to it, remind me that I have only been disappointed that I didn’t start a given project or effort sooner.  So here’s my first stab at reaching beyond a bit on the creative front, click on any image for a larger carousel of the gallery.

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