The View Mid-Way Through & Thoughts re: Open Shelving

I couldn’t resist a little Before & After indulgence as our updated kitchen begins to take shape!  Because we are past all demo, and are at the turning point before starting to really fill back in, this feels like the appropriate place for a mid-way update.  I also wanted to share a peek before the walls and ceiling are closed back up to show how open (or floating) shelves come to be.  As you can see above, the cabinet to the right of the sink and the wacky remnants of sheetrock and wooden strips it was adhered to is gone.  The cross-beams and steel brackets in their place will support open shelves from within the wall, with the shelves themselves being attached to the brackets after the wall is rebuilt.

If you have so much as searched for a dish online, you have probably noticed how open shelving seems to appear everywhere.  It does lend itself really well to styling and propping, and seems to create a generally inviting space, but I’m not gonna lie, I am *just* a little nervous about the real-life applications of open shelving since tidy & clean are not always synonymous with beautifully styled, out of place but just-so, perfect tableware, but we’ll do our best.  There is too much to gain, natural light and space perception-wise, not to try!  As you can see below, the shelves will sit where the room turns the corner – we’re assuming that leaving them open will help maintain the sense of space that was gained by the demo.  I do think that as trendy as they seem at the moment, in this application open shelves should date well and feel contextual because the decision to use them was made with form following function.  (As should always be the case!)

Beyond the open shelving, in the photos below you can see that in the wake of the jumbo fridge lies newly found counter space with storage below.  The high cabinet makes for a more spacious workspace with natural light, aka my idea of heaven right in our own kitchen.  (By the way the ‘open’ shelves you see on the left are that way because the cupboard door is removed at the moment.)

Also, check out the lighting that was added in the ceiling over the kitchen sink (where the boxy light enclosure was, see the first set of photos).  The bulb for that particular location is a directional, meaning it can be swiveled in the housing.  It was a fun find that I thought that would be a good feature while working at the sink at night – optimal direction tbd.

See you in a few days with updates on major appliances and the homes we’ve assigned them!



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