Fresh Herb & Goat Cheese Frittata


Fresh Herb & Goat Cheese Frittata

It’s week four of new breakfast Mondays and confession time, this classic but new-to-our-kitchen morning meal was *not* made in time for the early departure today!  That’s because yesterday we had quite the baking marathon and it was only after planning today’s breakfast, late last night, that I realized we were down to two eggs.  But its premise of partial make-ahead and all around quick to pull together was intriguing enough though to make me want to follow through.  I’m happy I did because this breakfast can double as lunch or dinner more readily than others recently featured.

The make-ahead component is really in chopping the fresh herbs ahead of time.  You can mix the eggs and herbs the night before if you wish and I’d say that’s entirely a matter of personal preference and just how time pressed you’ll be in the morning.  Either way, finishing the frittata *is* quite fast.  Started on the stove top and finished under the broiler, it’s done in about seven minutes and can be sliced and packaged to go.

The fresh herbs give even reheated slices (I tried them for lunch) brightness and the goat cheese provides tang and creaminess.  The beauty of this frittata is that it can be built upon in several directions, with add-ons like tomatoes, hot sauce or smoked salmon.

To make:

Serves: 2-3

Total Time: 15 minutes

Hands-On Time: 15 minutes, with 5-7 minutes being make-ahead

Kitchen Equipment:  Mixing bowl, small non-stick frying pan, firm spatula


– Six Eggs

– 4-5 Sprigs Fresh Dill

– 5-6 Leaves Basil

– 2 Tbsp Soft Goat Cheese

– 1 Tsp Butter

– Salt & Pepper to taste


The night before or ahead of time:

– Remove the large stems from the dill and chop about half the leaves, leaving some larger sections.

– Stack the basil leaves, then roll from one end to the other.  Slice the ‘roll’ cross-wise to create slivers of basil.

– Store the prepared herbs together in an airtight container in the fridge until ready for use.

– To save additional minutes when it’s time to cook, crack the eggs into a mixing bowl and whisk together.  Cover and also store in the fridge.

At cooking time:

– Melt butter in frying pan over low-medium heat

– Mix the eggs and prepared fresh herbs.  Once the butter is melted and bubbly, pour the egg mixture into the frying pan.  Season with salt and pepper if desired.

– Scoop out small dollops of the goat cheese and gently place around the mixture.

– Cook over medium – low heat until the bottom is definitively set, about four minutes.

– Then, place the frying pan under the broiler to set the top, about three minutes.

– Slide the spatula around the sides and bottom of the frittata to remove.  Slice and eat immediately, or save for breakfast on the go or lunch or dinner during a busy weekday.





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