Key Lime Ice Cream Challenge

Key Lime Ice Cream Solution!

Week of February 9th, 2015: Me, 1, Ice Cream, 0.

How did this score, and thereby this amazing treat come to be?  Actually, let’s back up a moment.  For those who may have missed an earlier post on this subject, ice cream is my biggest vice and while it’s great to enjoy occasionally, I can at times have a fairly serious portion control problem with ice cream.  A close second to that are all other homemade or otherwise baked sweets.  Without going into embarrassing detail, I can say that it’s enough of an issue that a dessert revelation like this one is a huge victory in my book.

Okay, so I’m at Whole Foods this Sunday diligently working through my list of non-farmer’s market items for the week.  It’s more crowded than I’ve ever seen, to the point that the smallest moment of directional indecision creates an aisles-deep pile up of carts and rolling totes, and the wide-eyed employees look like they’re witnessing an Old Testament disaster.

Finally, I’m nearly done and as planned had avoided the frozen aisle (many a time has the study of the fun packaging on local ice cream brands led to an all-out binge, so in this case avoidance is helpful) when oh shoot, I meant to get some small mason jars.  If I go get them, it’s going to take twenty more minutes… but if I don’t, I’ll be ordering them online when I don’t have to, which I don’t love because it creates more packaging and a micro-delivery, also wasteful.  So okay, I’m going to have to seriously swim upstream and go get them, no choice.

Having to cross the store, I head to what feels like the path of least resistance… which is none other than the ice cream aisle.  I actually stopped for a moment and said to myself, ‘don’t worry about it, you’ve got this’.  BUT THEN! as if the carton had a spot light on it, my eyes fixed on a pint of Steve’s of Brooklyn Key Lime Ice Cream.  It sat there like a siren, hehehe, just reach out and grab me Alli, you have to make the most out of this unexpectedly long grocery trip, and I’m so easy to scoop with my gobs of graham crackers breaking up my just-frozen swirls of tangy lime sweet cold creaminess, and you can finish me off little by little as you watch all the Harry Potter you want while your husband’s away on business.  All good points!!!  The only thing separating me from the freezer case was a mid-aisle display of whatevers, and I just stood there lost in thought, imagining the delight of digging into the pint, possibly even brushing my shoulder upon visualizing a little angelic figure trying to say something about sugar hangovers and mind over matter.   It was only thanks to another shopper studying me amusedly as he walked in front of the case that I snapped out of it and begrudgingly kept going.

Yet!  By the end of the aisle I remembered the magic Greek yogurt trick and thought with a smile, OH WAIT, I CAN MAKE THAT AND I WILL!!!  I wasn’t kidding when I said that strained Greek yogurt is the most versatile thing ever and can stand in for sweet or savory.  And being that it’s citrus season, I am proud to say that I managed to truly turn lemons – make that limes – into lemonade here.  (The lemon being the Battle of the Vice of course.)


So check it out, we’re making Key Lime Pie Cups, using strained Greek, fresh limes, a bit of honey, and grahams.  I bet you will like these…

Servings: 2

Time: 55 minutes (not counting time for strained yogurt, which is hands-on 5-7 minutes, total time 5-6 hours)

Hands-On Time: 10 minutes

Kitchen Equipment: Microplane zester, mixing bowl


– 1 Cup Strained Fat Free Greek Yogurt

– 1 & 1/2 Limes

– 2 Tbsp Honey

– 3 Large Graham Crackers


– Set the strained yogurt in your mixing bowl.  Zest the limes right over the yogurt with the microplane and add juice from the 1/2 lime.

– Add the honey to the bowl, then stir to throughly incorporate all ingredients.

– Chill in the fridge for 45 minutes to an hour (or more if making ahead).

– Meanwhile, place two large graham crackers in a sealable bag and press/squeeze until you’ve got a mix of small crumbs and graham cracker dust.

– Place a dollop of the chilled yogurt mixture into a serving dish or glass.

– Add a layer of the grahams, then follow with another layer of the yogurt, and again, ending with the yogurt as the top layer.

– Garnish with the last of the graham crumble, including some larger pieces, and a few lime wedges.


You’ll soon be wishing each bite were the first!




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