Citrus Season Snack

Orange Slices and Pomegranate Seeds

I’ve been feeling pretty good about my commitment to power through first quarter with bright, fresh flavors, plus room for plenty of traditional cold-weather fare.  So good in fact, that last night I checked my Sunrise/Sunset app thinking, why soon it will be light outside until 6:00!  Soon is a relative concept of course, I was reminded as I continued to tap the right calendar arrow until the date when the sun will set after 6:00 for the first time this year finally appeared.  That date will be March 8th, thanks to daylight savings time.  So close, but yet so far.

Alrightly then, for now we must do the best we can with what we’ve got.  And what we’ve got right now are snacks from… THE SUNSHINE STATE!  That counts!!  In fact it really is citrus season, and it’s time to take advantage.  Oranges and other citrus are at their most delicious!

Here’s a way to prepare oranges to make the slices feel a little more special occasion than simply peeling and eating or cutting the fruit into eights and eating out of hand with the skin still on.  Essentially we’re removing all but the orange flesh.

Time/Hands On Time: 5-7 minutes

Kitchen Equipment: Very sharp knife, cutting board


– One or more oranges

– Other fruit such as pomegranate to accompany the slices


– Using your sharpest knife, remove the poles of the orange, then trace the sphere to remove the rind and all of the pith (the white part under the rind).

Citrus Season

– Next, insert the knife blade between the orange flesh and the part of the orange that separates the sections, like this:

Removing just the flesh from an orange.– Remove the all-flesh slices as you go.  The section – dividers will flop over, as shown.  Continue working until you have removed all the slices.

All slices (and only the orange flesh) removed from the orange.

– Gather up the slices and cut some in half crosswise, other in half lengthwise, either way you like.  They pair very well with pomegranate seeds, which are also still in season now.  The combo makes a great snack or even dessert!

Enjoy the season!

Orange Slices and Pomegranate Seeds


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