Flax Eggs (or, Vegan Eggs) for Baking

This flax and water combo was for me a try-it-to-believe-it egg substitute.  Having used it dozens of time now, I report with complete conviction that it works truly just as well as eggs.  If you want to vegan-ize a recipe or would otherwise like to change the nutritional profile of your baked good, or frankly if you are just out of eggs, these come in extremely handy.  They have a slightly nuttier flavor than eggs but beyond that you won’t notice a difference, if you notice one at all.  They are really easy and quick to make.

Time: Varies

Hands-On Time: 5-10 minutes

Kitchen Equipment:  Optional:  Small motorized coffee or spice grinder.


– Ground Flax Seeds

– Water

Steps & Notes:

All we are doing here is adding ground flax seeds to water, letting the combination chill for a short time, and then using the flax eggs in place of traditional eggs in a baking recipe.  Ground flax seeds can be found at Whole Foods or local health foods stores and should be kept in the freezer.  You can use the ground flax right out of the freezer.

Alternatively, a small motorized grinder will easily grind whole flax seeds for as-needed, fresh quantities of ground seeds.  (A bag of whole flax seeds will last a long time.  Again they should be kept in the freezer and can be used in their cold state.)  The whole seeds can also be used in other recipes, and are more cost-effective to buy because you will get several more servings of ground flax seeds from the same sized bag.

Small Coffee, Herb & Seed Grinder

Here’s how you do:

For one ‘Egg’:

At the *outset* of any baking project:

– Measure on tablespoon of ground flax seeds from the bag.  Or, grind a scant tablespoon of flax seeds in the grinder.   If grinding at home – you want it to look like a fluffy flour – be careful not to over grind/create a paste.

– If from the grinder, re-measure to get one tablespoon of the ground flax seeds.  (You’ll have some leftover grounds which will keep well, for next time, just cover and freeze.)

Making Flax Eggs for Baking

– Add three tablespoons of cold water to the ground seeds.

– Whisk together, removing clumps as best you can – don’t worry if it’s a little clumpy.

One Flax 'Egg'

– Place container in fridge until you’re ready to use the eggs.  (Try to give them at least 15 minutes.)

– Lightly re-whisk when you’re ready to use.

P.S. To increase the quantity in the same batch, simply multiply the number of ‘eggs’ needed by the measurements above.  No doubling/tripling adjustments necessary.

P.P.S. You can also mix flax eggs with chicken eggs in a baking recipe, it’s fine!


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