A New Spin Workout (That’s Longer But Goes By Faster)

Until today, outside of classes I hadn’t incorporated intervals into my spinning workouts.  But chatting with Paul this morning, I learned about his favorite version of intervals and this afternoon I incorporated them into my usual pyramid system.  Believe it or not, mixing up the routine and layering in a new structure actually made the workout go by *faster*, even though it was 17 minutes longer than my typical solo spin session.

I recommend it!  It flew by, was challenging but not crushing, and the added time got me comfortable with the rainy day lounging I’ve been enjoying these past few days.  (That and extra ice cream earlier this week…)

Here’s the program.  Feel free to increase or decrease the gears to suit your fitness level, just keep the RPMs the same.

72 Minute Spin:

– 5 Minute Warmup: Gear 10, pedaling at 90 – 100 RPM

– 20 Minute Pyramid: Gears 11 – 14, with five minutes per gear, maintaining 90 – 100 RPM’s throughout

– 5 Minute Recovery: Gear 11 or 12, between 90 – 100 RPM

Note from the 30 Minute Mark – It was helpful for me to envision this part of the workout as the beginning, partially because considering it half way over (which it typically would be by this time) would be death come 55/60 minutes.  And because I wanted to attack the intervals anew.   I revved up in the last :30 second of the 29th minute, in preparation for the start of the intervals.

– 10 Minute Interval: 10 intervals of one minute each, Gear 12.  The first 40 seconds = RPM’s at 120+.  Then 20 seconds recovery at 90-100 RPM.  Maintaining the same Gear allowed me to concentrate solely on the time and get the most out of both the effort and the recovery phases of each minute.  Careful torquing up the Gears if the first one feels easy – 120+ caught up with me quickly.  That said you can always try it and go back down.

– 3 Minute Recovery: Gear 11, between 90 – 100 RPM

– 20 Minute Pyramid: Gears 12 – 15, maintaining 90 – 100 RPM’s throughout.  The last five minutes of this pyramid were the most challenging of the entire workout.  I managed this portion by breaking the minutes into micro blocks of time.  For two of the five minutes, I stood out of the saddle for the first thirty seconds, and between standing, counted down to the next time standing.  I also took advantage of the lower end of the RPM range – by now, the 8/9 point differential was meaningful enough to allow me to stick with it.

– 5 Minute Recovery: Gear 11, 85+ RPM.  Try to increase to 90 – 100 RPM’s in the last two minutes

– 2 Minute Final Push: Gear 13, maintaining 100 RPM’s

– 3 Minute Recovery: Gear 10, 90 – 95 RPM

– 2 Minute Cooldown: Gear 8, 80+ RPM

And you’re done and on your way!  Thanks for the ideas Paul!

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