Using Chopped Nuts in Baking Recipes

When a recipe calls for chopped nuts, I always reach for one of my favorite kitchen tools, the low-tech, hand-operated chopper pictured here.  This gadget transforms nuts into tiny pieces, almost creating a coarse flour, very quickly and comfortably.  (Or, just a few pulses can be made to yield a coarse chop if you prefer.)



As you can see, these finely chopped nuts incorporate into flour very well.  You can whisk the nuts into your dry ingredients, adding flavor, nutrients and healthy caloric heft while maintaining a velvety texture in the end result.

To achieve similar results on a cutting board means a time consuming, mess making series of chopping, re-piling, re-chopping and re-piling until you finally get the desired consistency.

Using a spice grinder or food-processor seems too aggressive, b/c those tools too quickly begin to turn the nuts into nut-butter.

This particular model came from Broadway Panhandler, several years ago.  I am on the prowl for additional sources and will update once I find!

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