Cooling Fresh Brewed Coffee

I started occasionaly adding coffee smoothies into the rotation this summer.  So far I’ve found some delicious (coffee and coconut milk, wonderful), and some terrible (coffee and flax = devilish bitterness) combinations.

First things first though, a good solution for cooling freshly brewed coffee.

This ‘double-cooler’ system lets you get a freshly brewed batch cool to cold by the time your other ingredients are assembled.  Few easy steps:

1.) Brew coffee as you normally would for one – two cups.

2.) Place large or several ice cubes into a mesh strainer.  An abundance of ice is necessary because as we’ll be pouring hot coffee over the ice, the quantity ensures that all of the liquid will become cooled.  Set or hold the strainer over a small metal bowl.

3.) Pour the hot coffee evenly over the cubes:

Cooling System for Fresh Brewed Coffee

3.) Transfer bowl into which you’ve  poured the coffee into the double-cooler: a larger bowl that is filled about 1/2 way with ice water:

Double Cooler for Fresh Brewed Coffee

Note: while both bowls shown here are metal, the important one to be metal is the smaller one – it will best transfer the cold of the ice water to the coffee.  The larger bowl may be metal, but it doesn’t have to be.

Leave the double-cooler to the side as you assemble your other ingredients, set up your blender, get a glass ready, tidy up.  Adding the chilled coffee to the smoothie will be your last step before blending!


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